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Interview with Carrie Jones 
07:15pm 25/09/2010
  For those who liked "NEED" and its sequels from Carrie Jones:

An interview with the sympathetic & funny author is just gone online at my blog:

11:57am 11/02/2010
  Hi! This is Tad Williams. Please excuse the interruption to your regularly scheduled bloggery. People here have mentioned my work, or love fantasy and science fiction, so I just wanted to pop in and say that anyone interested in reading a chapter from my new book, SHADOWRISE, should drop an email to:


and we'll send one to you. We won't do anything rotten with your email address, either, we promise.

Thanks – Tad
12:38am 16/03/2009
  What is everyone's favorite fantasy novel. I just started reading The Heritage of Shannara. I love it and can't believe I had not heard of it before.  
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Jim C. Hines interview online 
10:15pm 14/03/2009
mood: happy
Happy to announce a new interview at my blog, this time with fantasy author Jim C. Hines (Goblin Hero; The Stepsister Scheme).

You can find it here:


new Anne Bishop interview 
06:13pm 28/09/2008
mood: happy
Hey! It's me again!
Just wanted to inform you that a new interview with ANNE BISHOP can be found at my webblog:


You will find the interview directly at:


Interested in reading fantasy together? 
10:16am 15/08/2008
mood: happy
Any german speaking pals here?

For my webblog (www.fantasy-news.com) I am looking for fantasy-readers who'd be interested in a chapter-by-chapter-read-and-review-session.
It's not a new idea nor is it one I came up with, but I think it could be nice:
A novel will get split into various parts (say: chapter one to chapter three) which has to be read in, say, a week, and afterwards everyone can share his or her thoughts about it on the blog.

You can either read the novel in it's german translation or in the english version.
(So in case you're just english speaking you still can participate and write your comments in english). :-)

We think about picking one of the following novels:

TANGLED WEBS by Anne Bishop

THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss


FIRST TRUTH by Dawn Cook

In case you're interested, you'll find more information here (in german):

New Interview with DAWN COOK 
03:48pm 19/07/2008
mood: cheerful
It's me again and I wanted to let you know that I've posted on my website a new interview with DAWN COOK, author of the great TRUTH-novels: "First Truth", "Hidden Truth" and so on as well as the PRINCESS series: "The Decoy Princess" and "Princess at sea".

You find it on www.fantasy-news.com

direct link to the english version would be this one:



Lynn Flewelling Q&A about upcoming Nightrunner-novel 
09:22am 19/06/2008
mood: happy
Lynn Flewelling was so nice to answer EIGHT QUESTIONS ABOUT SHADOWS RETURN (the upcoming fourth Nightrunner novel) for my fantasy blog


There's both a german and english version online.

Hope you enjoy!
new Tanya Huff interview online 
08:31pm 01/06/2008
mood: cheerful
Hey there!

I guess it might be interesting for some of you guys (hope you don't mind me posting this), but on my blog you'll find a new interview with TANYA HUFF.

Let me know what you think about.

You can either read it in english


or german


new Interviews 
12:22am 29/03/2008
mood: cheerful
I've just uploaded two new interviews on www.fantasy-news.com

1st with Elisabeth Waters long time assistant of the sadly missed Marion Zimmer Bradley and professional writer herself

2nd with Maria V. Snyder ("Poison Study", "Magic Study" and - since this month - "Fire Study" ...)

Let me know if you did enjoy them...

You'll find them here:

Juliet Marillier-Interview & Lynn Flewelling-Interview 
06:33pm 20/03/2008
mood: cheerful
Hey all

On my private web-blog I just posted an interview the lovely australian author Juliet Marillier (Daughter of the Forest etc.)

You'll find it - as well as an interview with the great Lynn Flewelling

on my blog




05:37pm 31/10/2005
  Never see alot of posts here so thought I would post and recommend two extraodinary series by canadian authors.

-The Malazan Book of the Fallen: By Steven Erickson (Next Book in the series: The Bonehunters)

-The Prince of Nothing: By R. Scott Bakker (Next Book in series: The Thousand Fold Thought)

Both are works that try and break the mold of conventional genre writing, especially Bakker's work which is very cerebral and thought provoking. It is also dark and gritty, and realistic in a fantastic setting. It does tend to have moments of shocking vulgarity and depravity, but it is done...well. It really makes you feel as if you are in a world that is often harsh and brutal.

Erickson's Malazan series is done like a military history of sorts, although as the books continue the plot becomes more and more elaborate. Both of these series reveal things about the world when you need to know them, and as it becomes relevant. Some of these often turn assumptions you had previously on their head, especially in The Malazan series. I don't know how often I had my opinions on characters turned completely around based on new information being revealed to me at the time. Both of these are exceptionally well done fantasy novels.

I'm waiting for A Feast for Crows to come out in Novemeber from Martin, then both of the next novels in the Malazan and PON series which will be out after christmas. PON currently has The Darkness That Comes Before and The Warrior Prophet released. While for The Malazan Book of the Fallen we have: Gardens of the Moon, Deadhouse Gates, Memories of Ice, House of Chains, and Midnight Tides currently released.
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01:44pm 09/10/2005
mood: accomplished
I just finished reading 'A Game of Thrones' by George R.R. Martin. Awesome book. Martin does a great job of making you either love or hate any one character in the story, and the story is suspenseful enough to keep you turning the page. GRRM may have just replaced Tad Williams as my favourite fantasy author.